Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dancing Shoes

I have had a request for more shoes, so I am going to share some of the shoe stories from event I attended several weeks ago. It involved good food and dancing and I had a wonderful time.

I have my dancing shoes on and off we go.
Not every man can get away with wearing white shoes but this sassy man did .He was dancing with his sister and their family bond reminded me how much my brothers and sisters mean to me and how important it is to make time for family.

One thing that was obvious from the begining of the eveing was that people  here love Music and Fashion the women of all generations wore amazingly high shoes and danced all night long in them, there were no bare feet and shoes gathered in a circle here even at 1.00am.

There was also a beautiful pair of red stilettos that I speied across the room but alas when I got across the room they were gone. The singer of the second band was wearing an amazing pair of shoes but they deserve their own post.

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